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Disaster Planning Includes Pets

September is National Preparedness Month - of course, it's also the height of hurricane season. Are you and your pets ready in case of an emergency or evacuation?

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Share the Care, Share the Love

Did you know we have a referral program that gives benefits both to you (our clients) and the people you refer to us? We do! We call it our “Share the Care” program. 

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First Aid for Pets: Preparing a Kit

Are you prepared for a pet emergency? Just like us, our pets can experience several kinds of medical crises, like allergic reactions, bites, wounds, heat stroke and poisoning. The most important thing you can do in these types of situations is seek immediate veterinary care.

First aid measures should never replace professional medical attention; however, keeping emergency supplies in your home or car may help your pet in a critical situation before you can get to a vet.

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Home Alone? How to Keep Your Dog Happy

It’s no secret that dogs are sociable creatures who are happiest being with others. Plus, they're like toddlers. If you don’t give them a constructive focus, they’ll find ways to entertain themselves. You know... fun stuff like pulling all of the stuffing out of each cushion on your new couch, or enjoying four or five shoes -- each from a different pair.

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Adopting? How to Choose the Right Pet for Your Family

The ASPCA estimates there are approximately 6.5 million pets in shelters across the country. The vast majority of these animals are great pets, but their families gave them up for a variety of reasons, including death or illness of a caregiver, moving or landlord issues, too many pets in the house, the cost of having pets, and much more.

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How to Pet Proof Your Home

Preparing your home for your new furry arrival(s) is an exciting time. Whether you’re a first-time pet parent or an old hand, it’s always a mix of emotions. Will everything go smoothly? Will they be safe and happy?

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