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How to Prevent Dog Emergencies During the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a time for fun, family, food, and good cheer. Because our dogs are part of our families, we often want to make sure they're included in the festivities. But some of the things we enjoy the most about the holiday season can be dangerous to Fido, so it's important to do some planning and preparation to keep your pet(s) safe.

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Holiday Foods on the Naughty List

We all love to indulge around the holidays, especially when it comes to food. Unfortunately, tossing your pet table scraps as a “treat” can cause unnecessary upset to his/her digestive system. Read our recommendations before including Fido or Fluffy at the dinner table this year. Your pet’s tummy will thank you!


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Veterinary Veggies: Should You Add Some Home Cooking to Your Pet’s Diet?

You and your pet both know the rule: No table food! On occasion, however, your vet may actually recommend human fare for your furry friend. What’s the deal?

Vegetables are an excellent source of antioxidants—dietary substances that can repair and prevent damage to the body’s cells—for both humans and animals. While antioxidants in tablet form only contain a handful of different antioxidants, vegetables can contain hundreds, many of which work together for an even more powerful effect.

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Is Your Senior Cat in Pain?

While our cats are generally living longer than ever before, a feline is still considered a senior at age 7 (the mid-40's in human years) and geriatric at 15 (76 years for a human). 

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Senior Pets: Old Age is Not a Disease!

Have an older pet at home? 

Just like humans, pets can develop a number of new health issues as they enter their senior years. Often attributed to simply “slowing down,” it's not uncommon for many of these age-related problems to go untreated or even unnoticed until they become serious. However, many of these changes can be effectively managed with proper veterinary care, particularly when they're caught early.

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More Than Itchy: How Fleas and Ticks Can Affect Your Cat

Fleas and Ticks.

No one wants to see their kitties suffering from these nasty blood-suckers, but most pet owners know they're a fact of life. Here in the Gulf South, where it seldom gets cold enough to kill them off, they're a year-round problem. And, unfortunately, they can cause more problems than just itchiness.


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