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How to Train Your Cat

First thing’s first. Unlike dogs, cats don’t care if they please us or if they work with us. Rather, they want to please themselves, and that usually means satisfying their stomachs. Therefore, it’s our job to figure out what they like best and use those treats and rewards to train them. Does your kitty like crunchy treats best? Soft treats? Canned tuna (low sodium, of course)? Something else (maybe a box!)? It may take some trial and error to discover what best motivates your meowing friend, but once you’ve got it, you can use those treats as rewards for a job well done! This plan works...

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New Year’s Resolutions for Pets and Their Owners

Many people get away from their routines and indulge over the holidays, and use the beginning of the new year as a chance to get back on track.  New Year’s resolutions for pets are just as important as ours, since many of us see our pets as family. Thinking about their health and well-being is important too!


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Holiday Pet Safety Tips

First thing’s first: pick your the tree! Whether you’ve always had good luck with pets and trees or your tree gets knocked down every year by inquisitive, excited dogs or cats, there are some basic holiday pet safety tips everyone should know. For instance, it’s important to think about whether you’re going to have an artificial tree or a live tree. Live trees are often treated with chemicals to make them last longer. Those chemicals can leach into the water at their bases and be lapped up by thirsty dogs and cats. Of course, that’s dangerous to them, so you want...

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Why Mixed Breed Dogs Rock

December 2nd marks National Mutt Day, a day to celebrate mixed breed dogs and bring awareness to the number of mixed breed dogs waiting in shelters for homes. These dogs are often passed over by potential adopters because they aren’t “pure bred;” however, they tend to be some of the healthiest dogs and can have great personalities. We thought it would be a good opportunity to share a personal story of one of our employees’ favorite mutts and...

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