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PetMassage for Dogs

Have you ever had a really good massage? You know how it can make you feel so much better – relaxed, less painful or stiff, and more – afterwards?

Now imagine your dog. Most dogs already enjoy a good petting session, whether it’s a back scratch, a tummy rub or an ear rub. We also know that they can suffer from some of the same physical problems that we do, including sore muscles and joints, stiffness, poor circulation, etc.  So why not massage for your dog?

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Beat Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is a deadly condition veterinarians see every summer. While the most commonly known cause is pets left unattended in hot cars, there are other ways it can happen, too, and all of them are equally dangerous. 

In addition to hot cars, pets can get overheated from

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Bad Breath: The Silent Disease

Does your Fido or Fluffy have bad breath? That offensive odor could signify serious health risks for your beloved pet. To help keep you aware of potential health issues, we've compiled a list of things you need to know about dental/oral disease in dogs and cats.


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Common Health Problems in Senior Cats: Part 2

Cats: Masters of Disguise

As we discussed last week in Part 1 of this series, cats are masters of disguising their pain. That makes it difficult for even attentive cat-owners to pick up on subtle signs of illness, particularly if those illnesses take a while to develop. Luckily, there are some signs we can watch for that help us know when to get Fluffy to the vet.

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