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The Truth Behind 3 Common Kitty Myths

When was the last time we saw your cat?

A new study by the American Association of Feline Practitioners says that fewer than 48 percent of cats receive regular veterinary care. The reasons why might surprise you, so let's debunk a few myths about kitties! 

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Guidelines for New Puppy Parents

Congratulations on your new puppy! Puppies are so much fun - and so cuddly!

Of course, they're also a big responsibility, and it probably won't take you more than a few hours to recognize that. No matter what kind of puppy you just got, a little prep will make this transition easier for everyone involved.


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Training Your Cat to Scratch Appropriately

Cats scratch on things for several reasons (outlined below), and sometimes those things are our favorite rugs or pieces of furniture (or us). Oh no! So how do we teach our kitties to scratch appropriate surfaces - like scratching posts - so they can still act on their instincts while protecting our favorite home decor items? The answer is simple: we train them.

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Benefits of Laser Therapy

Would your dog or cat benefit from laser therapy? It's quite possible s/he would! However, many pet lovers aren’t aware of this safe, non-invasive procedure even though it’s been used on humans for over 40 years. In fact, this FDA-approved therapy has no known side effects, and it’s drug-free. 

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Is Uncooked Unhealthy? Myths about Raw Pet Food Diets

You’ve likely heard about the raw food movement for humans, but many people are now raving about the benefits of uncooked, homemade meals for their pets. If you’re curious about the craze, read our guide to cut through the hype before jumping on the bandwagon and tossing out the kibble. (Spoiler: raw pet food diets aren't as great as they're claimed to be!)

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How to Give Your Cat a Pill

If you’re like most cat owners, you've struggled at one time or another while trying to give your cat a pill. But with a little bit of advice and patience, you can be a pro in no time!

There are three possible methods for pilling your cat. Kitty's level of compliance and your level of comfort will determine which method is best for you.

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