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Common Health Problems in Senior Cats: Part 2

Cats: Masters of Disguise

As we discussed last week in Part 1 of this series, cats are masters of disguising their pain. That makes it difficult for even attentive cat-owners to pick up on subtle signs of illness, particularly if those illnesses take a while to develop. Luckily, there are some signs we can watch for that help us know when to get Fluffy to the vet.

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9 Common Houseplants Poisonous to Your Pet

Plants add a certain element to the feel of our homes; however, those of us with pets need to be selective about the greenery we choose to have around. According to the ASPCA Poison Control, there are literally thousands of plants that could harm our pets if they ingest them. They all have varying degrees of effect on your dog or cat, some mild, some severe, and some potentially fatal.

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5 Advantages for Kids Who Grow Up With Dogs

Nearly every child at some point begs their parents for a puppy. As parents, we can’t help but think of all of the added chores and financial obligations that come with owning a pet. But did you know it can actually benefit the health and development of your kids? Here are a few very important reasons why you should consider owning a dog.


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