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The Do’s and Don’ts of Kitten Care During Peak Season

Before taking on kitten care, be sure to ask yourself if the kittens are in immediate danger. If not, it may be worth it to wait longer and see if mom just got delayed. After all, her milk is the best food for them. If the kittens are in danger, possibly from passers-by, dogs or other cats or wild animals, traffic, heat/cold/rain, etc., then you should rescue them. However, you need to be ready to see the rescue through to the kittens’ adoption! Remember, shelters and rescues this time of year are overwhelmed, and even in “normal” times they often don’t have...

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Hosting a Dog Party: Top 5 Tips for Success

June 21st was National Dog Party Day, and more pet parents than ever are throwing birthday bashes for their pooch. (If you missed it, don't worry. Fido won't mind if s/he gets a belated one!) Before you bust out the treats and toys and let the dogs loose, though, there are a few things you should consider to create a successful, safe, and fun event!


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5 Cool Dog Treats to Make This Summer

As the weather warms up, so does the temperature of your dog. Unfortunately, dogs don't sweat the way humans do, so the risk of heat exhaustion/heat stroke increases dramatically during the summer months.

In addition to important things you can do to keep your dog cool, there are some cool summer treats you can make for him/her. Read on!


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First Aid for Pets: Preparing a Kit

Are you prepared for a pet emergency? Just like us, our pets can experience several kinds of medical crises, like allergic reactions, bites, wounds, heat stroke and poisoning. The most important thing you can do in these types of situations is seek immediate veterinary care.

First aid measures should never replace professional medical attention; however, keeping emergency supplies in your home or car may help your pet in a critical situation before you can get to a vet.

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Home Alone? How to Keep Your Dog Happy

It’s no secret that dogs are sociable creatures who are happiest being with others. Plus, they're like toddlers. If you don’t give them a constructive focus, they’ll find ways to entertain themselves. You know... fun stuff like pulling all of the stuffing out of each cushion on your new couch, or enjoying four or five shoes -- each from a different pair.

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