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Why Microchip Your Dog?

If your dog went missing, how would you try to find him? Post “lost” notices on electrical poles and on Facebook (and all the other social media you can find)? Comb the neighborhood calling for your dog and looking at your phone every three seconds in case someone found him? Call and visit your local shelters to ask if anyone had found him and taken him to there?

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Does Your Pet Need a Plane Ticket? And Other Questions You May Have About Flying with Pets

Whether you're relocating or considering taking your pet on vacation with you, flying with pets can be challenging, and you'll likely have many questions.

The first - and most important - one is: will the airline I booked allow my pet to fly? If so, how do I make sure my pet will be allowed on the plane, where will my pet be, what kind of carrier/kennel will I need, and what kinds of paperwork are required? 

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Catnip and Your Cat - Best Thing Ever or No Big Deal?

If you walk down the cat toy aisle at your favorite pet store, you'll notice that a large proportion of the toys in stock are stuffed with catnip. If you're like most cat owners, you've probably bought your cat at least one or two of those toys, too. But how did your kitty react to the toy(s)? Did s/he act like it was the best thing ever in the world, or did s/he have no reaction? Either way, both are normal, depending on your cat's genetics. But why?

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Top 4 Benefits of Pets in the Workplace

Are you trying to convince your place of work to go pet-friendly? If you work from home, that's an easy argument to make; otherwise, you may need to work a little harder to make your case! A 2015 Society for Human Resource Management survey found 8 percent of American workplaces allow employees to bring their furry loved ones to work, up from 5 percent in 2013. (Source)

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Hairballs in Cats: The Basics

If you have a cat, you're probably familiar with the coughing up of hairballs... even if it only happens occasionally. (If you've never been treated to this event, consider yourself very fortunate!) You know they’re no fun to clean up, and worse, they can cause health problems for your cat. What you might not know is what causes hairballs, what symptoms to look for, and what you can do to prevent them.


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Dog Worms and Deworming: The Basics

You might be surprised to discover how common dog worms are in the environment. In fact, some sources say most dogs - even healthy dogs - host a low level of worms nearly all the time. After all, your dog goes outside, may eat questionable substances on occasion, and might be known to roll in smelly areas (say it isn't so!).

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