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Lumps and Bumps? Get Them Checked!

Are you seeing lumps, bumps or growths on your pet? No matter what you call them, masses of all kinds, from harmless skin growths to malignant tumors, are actually fairly common in our furry friends. While they're often harmless, it's important to get all growths checked out!


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The Secret to Great Dog Dental Care

If you’re like a lot of dog lovers, you recognize the importance of a healthy mouth for your dog, but you might be a little confused. How often should you brush your dog’s teeth yourself vs. taking Fido to the veterinarian for professional teeth cleaning? Are there long-term health implications if you DON’T get your pup’s teeth cleaned regularly? Are there signs of dental problems you can look for in your dog's mouth? Great questions, all!

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Anesthesia for Cats and Dogs: What You Can Expect

Properly administered anesthesia will keep your pet comfortable and stress & pain free during his/her medical procedure. Unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding its use. Whether it’s for surgery like spaying/neutering or for annual dental work, anesthesia is a routine part of the veterinary hospital, and it's highly likely your pet will need it at least a few times during his/her life.

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