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Cat Grooming: What's Unusual?

If your cat is like most felines, s/he spends hours every day grooming him/herself. Lick the paws, check. Use the damp paws to clean behind the ears, check. Your cat is capable of bending and contorting him/herself into all manner of yogic positions to aim that rough tongue “just so” at a particular problem area.


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5 Fun, Healthy Homemade Dog Treats

Did your New Year's resolutions include eating healthier? If so, why not include your favorite canine friend? There are, literally, hundreds of different dog treats on the market, but making healthy dog treats is easy, and, in many cases, is a much healthier option than pre-packaged store-bought treats. We compiled 5 easy, yummy, and healthy dog treat recipes you’ll want to try out with your best furry friend!

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Dog Anal Glands: The Basics

Often, when we think about dog anal glands, it's because there are problems with them. Problems that are... stinky.

However, before we discuss the sometimes stinky complications your pup’s hindquarters can have and how to prevent them, let’s discuss what anal glands do. 


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New Year's Resolutions for You and Your Pet

Most New Year’s resolutions are centered on health and relationships. You may promise yourself that you'll work out regularly, eat healthier, or call your family more often. But what if you broadened your resolutions to include your pets? What would that look like? Could you find resolutions that would truly benefit both you AND your pets? 


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Microchipping Your Cat: Safe, Easy, and Effective

Has your cat ever gotten lost? What did you do?

Many people post pictures and notices (physically and online - Facebook, for most) and hope Kitty is found or comes home on his/her own. Hopefully, you would also check with local shelters and veterinarians to make sure Kitty hasn't been brought to one of them. After that, there's walking and driving around looking for Kitty and leaving his/her food and litter box by the door, hoping s/he comes back.

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Traveling with Your Dog For the Holidays?

Traveling with your dog requires more planning than it would without your four-legged friend, but with the right prep, dog-inclusive travel can go smoothly for everyone. The big considerations, of course, are your dog’s temperament, transportation requirements, and accommodations upon arrival. 

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