Diabetes in Pets

When we say our pets are sooo sweet we usually mean behaviorally or are referring to their mannerisms, but do you know that our pet friends can develop diabetes just like people can? As many know, diabetes is considered an endocrine (hormonal) disease that results in high levels of glucose (sugar) in the body. This is not good as too much sugar allows for infections, high blood pressure, organ dysfunction (liver, pancreas, heart, kidneys and cataracts in eyes) and premature death. The most common signs we see in our pets are increased water consumption, rapid changes in weight and urinating more frequently. Diabetes is diagnosed with blood and urine analysis. Treatments include a combination of diet management, exercise and medications to reduce the blood sugar levels. The medications are mostly injections of insulin administered by pet owners under the skin daily for life. These injections are well tolerated as they are associated with feeding schedules. We consider diabetes to be a manageable disease that requires monitoring and treatment, but results in a good quality of life. Diabetic patients can still be considered sweet in a positive way!