Healing Pets Faster

We are pleased to announce the use of V.A.C. therapy at Metairie Small Animal Hospital! V.A.C. (vacuum assisted closure) therapy is changing the way wounds are healed in veterinary medicine. First introduced in human medicine in 1995, this negative pressure wound therapy has recently entered the veterinary field. Through a special dressing applied to the wound and a connection tube to the machine, V.A.C. therapy will reduce wound healing time by nearly 70%. The application remains in position for 48-72 hours before a dressing change is needed. Through a variety of materials available, wounds are easily dressed no matter where the location, ranging from the torso to the toes! The machine is durable, portable, and battery operated allowing patient freedom during therapy.

V.A.C. therapy has assisted in healing a variety of wounds, including but not limited to: traumatic and chronic wounds, infected lacerations/wounds, degloving injuries, burns, abscesses, flaps and grafts, and routine surgical incisions. At MSAH, a puppy has healed from hot grease burns stretching from the neck to the tail, and a large mix breed dog recovered from a severe snake bite wound to a front limb, which caused infection to the tissue followed by necrosis and sloughing. V.A.C. therapy increased the healing time in these patients and allowed for their return home sooner than routine bandage changes.

More information can be found at kcianimalhealth.com.