Laser Therapy For Pets

Laser therapy conjures up images of anything from Voodoo to Star Wars. The fact is laser therapy has been used for decades butremains poorly understood. We have to question why such a treatment modality is still used today despite being poorly understood. The answer is simply that in some patients the results have been dramatic when other more mainstream treatments did not work. Currently the veterinary profession is in the process of identifying the best use of laser therapy, that is when and where to use it, doses, and duration and frequency of treatments. One would ask with all these issues still to be worked out why would we even use it at this point? We as doctors and users of laser therapy know it is safe and in most cases when we recommend it, effective. The proposed way it works is through activating cellular production of compounds that are responsible for cell metabolism and through controlling inflammation. Either way we can confirm it has made a positive impact on patients, especially those that suffer from arthritis. While we are still developing protocols, we can confirm it is neither Voodoo nor Star Wars. It is another tool that helps us help our special friends.