Meet Our New Doctors! (Part 2 of 3)

Continuing our series about our new doctors, let’s meet two more of them!

Dr. Mary Brewington is here every day except Fridays and Sundays.  Born and raised in Metairie, LA, Dr. Mary earned a B.S. in Animal Sciences from LSU in 2009 and then went on to study at the Royal Veterinary College in London, England, graduating in 2014. Dr. Mary says she remembers exactly when she decided she wanted to become a veterinarian: she was five years old! Her neighbors had new boxer puppies and took her with them on their first vet visit. From then on, she knew she wanted to help pets and the people who love them.  Starting in high school and continuing through college, Dr. Mary was a veterinary assistant here at MSAH and rejoined us – as a doctor – in March of this year. She enjoys practicing medicine and building relationships with her clients and their pets.

Dr. Mary currently lives in the Mid-City area with her three senior cats, Sheena, Luna, and Tucker, and her lovable 7-year old Havanese/Maltese mix dog, Lucy.  Growing up, though, she had a menagerie of pets, from her first one, a turtle named Nick, to a pot-bellied pig named Nicki, to more dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, tree frogs, mice, fire-bellied toads, fish, and a red-eared slider named Squanto! When she’s not working, she enjoys traveling, reading, cooking and gardening.

Dr. Meredith Addison is one of our most recent additions, joining us this past May. She’s here every day except Wednesdays and Sundays. Dr. Meredith was born and raised in Monroe, LA and received her B.S. and M.S. in biological sciences from LSU before attending LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. She says she always wanted to be a veterinarian and was interested in medicine from a young age, probably because her mom was a nurse. Even as a young child Dr. Meredith knew what she wanted to do – “treating” her stuffed animals and performing surgery on them to “fix them.” Unsurprisingly now, her favorite part of her job is doing surgeries. She says it’s a great feeling to be able to fix a laceration or remove an unwanted mass. She even loves the routine spay and neuter surgeries!

Dr. Meredith currently has two chocolate labs, Duke and Tuck, who accompany her on outdoor activities of all kinds. She also has a cat, Lucifer, who lives with her parents on a farm in Northeast Louisiana, where they have many chickens, geese, ducks, goats, dogs, more cats, and a pig. When she’s not working, she enjoys outdoor activities with her dogs, kayaking, traveling, music festivals, eating sweets, and art.