Meet Our New Doctors! (Part 3 of 3)

Concluding our series about our new doctors, here’s two more!

Dr. Angella Dorsey-Oresto is our new overnight emergency doctor and is originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  In college at Drew University she began taking science courses and got involved in veterinary-related research. However, she didn’t consider becoming a veterinarian until she was in graduate school pursuing her doctorate in biomedical sciences.  During that time she had a very sick pet rabbit that needed regular visits with an exotics vet. Through those visits she came to realize both how interested she was in the entire medical process, from x-rays and lab results to surgeries, as well as how grateful she was to have an excellent veterinarian treating her bunny. It was then she decided she wanted a career where she could work with animals and feel like she was making a difference in theirs and their owners’ lives. When she finished her graduate degree in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, she went directly into veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania. Now she says her favorite part of the job is figuring out what’s wrong with a patient and then using that to make them feel better. In her words, “veterinary medicine is a challenge - our patients do not talk and it can be difficult to figure out what might be going on, but I love that challenge.  Seeing a patient that was sick and hospitalized walk out to greet their owner to go home, all smiles and wagging tails, is the best feeling ever.”

Dr. Angella grew up surrounded by many different animals. Some of the most memorable and unusual ones include pot-bellied pigs, a pygmy goat and a couple of pufferfish! In her spare time, she enjoys reading, long distance running, hiking, travel, and spending time with her pets. Currently she has three dogs: Jagr (an English bulldog), Joules (a rescued Australian Shepherd mix), and Canelo (a rescued Dachshund/Chihuahua mix). She also has a pet rabbit (ComE, who was rescued from a laboratory in graduate school) and a clownfish named Nemo. 

Dr. Lindsay Rozman is our newest doctor, joining us this past September.  Dr. Lindsay is originally from Granger, Indiana - that’s in the northern part of the state, close to the Michigan state line.  Growing up, she never wanted to do anything else but be a vet. She always loved animals and had many pets growing up including dogs, cats, and horses. That love took her to Purdue University where she got both her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. After graduating, she moved to New Orleans and worked at another local veterinary hospital before joining MSAH a couple of months ago.

Dr. Lindsay especially enjoys soft tissue surgery, ophthalmology, and critical care medicine. However, her favorite part of her job is being entrusted with the care of cherished furry family members: keeping them healthy and happy so they can have as many years as possible with the people who love them.  Currently, her furry family members are Auty, a Brittany spaniel mix who helped her get through vet school, and Maxie, a recently adopted Rhodesian Ridgeback. Though she’s had many pets in her life, she says Auty will always hold a special place in her heart for seeing her through so many huge life events, from vet school to moving to New Orleans to marrying her husband, Jack. When Dr. Lindsay isn’t working, she and her husband love to explore the city, go hiking and horseback riding, walk their dogs, try new restaurants and visit their family.