For New Orleans Animal Boarding, Be Our Guest!

When you have to go out of town for business, pleasure or emergencies, sometimes your pets can’t come with you. We understand that it is hard to leave them behind, especially if there is no qualified or willing person to watch them. Leaving your pet with strangers can be a nerve-wracking experience, for both pet and pet-owner. That is why we strive to be the safest and most well-monitored New Orleans animal boarding facility for our patients and their families.

Boarders get lots of love and attention!

Boarders get lots of love and attention!

Metairie Small Animal Hospital has been providing veterinary care to the animals of New Orleans for over 65 years. Our boarding area employs over thirty veterinary assistants and kennel personnel. They’re all there to ensure your animals remain calm and comfortable.

What is it Like to Stay at Metairie Small Animal Hospital?

For our canine companions, we offer roomy, comfortable kennels for dogs of all sizes that come with a raised bench to rest on. All our animal boarding areas contain windows for your pet to see outside in the hopes of eliminating alarmed or closed-in feelings. Boarding facilities within the hospital area are also climate controlled and monitored 24 hours a day! Now you’ll never have to worry about your beloved pet being neglected or feeling alone during their stay.

Health care is a top concern as well. Each boarder is visited by doctors and staff throughout the day to make sure that all our guests are happy and any medical requirements are being met.

When your dog stays at Metairie Small Animal Hospital, they receive nurturing attention and exercise at least four times a day outside in the fresh air. If you would like personalized playtime with specific activities and toys, you can ask our technicians or receptionists about how to add this to your dog’s schedule. We strive to make your pet as happy and comfortable as possible when you can’t be there.

Can Cats Stay at MSAH Too?

Feline friends are always welcome to stay in our boarding facility! Cats and dogs are kept separate for obvious reasons but cats are just as comfortable as our dog guests. There are two kinds of feline boarding areas at Metairie Small Animal Hospital. One is a nice, spacious area for cats to relax and cruise their way through their stay. For the feline guests that like a little more room to play and move around, we offer the Kitty Condo! The Kitty Condo comes with shelves and elevated areas so that your kitty can jump and play around to their heart’s content. Maybe your cat likes a lot of space to themselves? Reserve rooms next to each other and give your cat a luxury suite!

We are happy to administer any medications, special food, vitamins or other supplements that your pet needs for their stay with us. All pets are required to be up to date with their vaccinations and need to be microchipped in order to stay at Metairie Small Animal Hospital. If your pet isn’t, don’t worry, all these procedures can be done at our facility for a small fee.

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