New Prescription Refill Program Saves Time!‏

Refilling your pet’s medications just got easier!

Refilling your pet’s medications just got easier!  Many of our clients call in their pet’s prescriptions in advance so the medications are ready when they arrive.  In order to make this service more convenient we’ve made a few changes that will save you time.

What’s New?

•    When refills are called into our main hospital, they will now be available for pick up in our Silver Collar Pet Boutique.  This includes medications, food, flea and heartworm preventatives.

•    All refill requests will be handled directly by our Pharmacy Technician then delivered right to the Silver Collar for pick up.

•    Soon additional diets will be made available in the Silver Collar to offer more variety and decrease client wait times.

How to Get Started:

•    To pick up refills at our main hospital, just call 835-4266 and choose Option 6.  You’ll be prompted to leave a message with your refill request.  One of our receptionists will contact you when your refill is ready for pick up.

•    If you’d prefer not to leave a message, choose Option 1 and a receptionist will gladly help you.

•    If you need to pick up a refill while the Silver Collar Pet Boutique is closed, all medications will be available at our front desk.

We’re confident these changes will save you time and streamline the refill process.  Please continue to give us your feedback so that we can continue to improve.