Over the Counter Pet Products

Please check with your veterinarian prior to using any OTC (Over the Counter) medications on your four-footed friends.  It can be very dangerous to use a product (i.e. flea control medications) on a species that it was not intended for.  Each species has its own way of handling certain drugs.  Veterinarians spend a lot of time learning the various metabolic pathways of drugs and how each species differs.  

Dosages for medications will vary according to what type of species the drug is intended for.  These variations exist even if the weights and ages of the animals are exactly the same.  Some common drugs that you and I might take can be lethal in a small quantity to another species.  

Recently, we once again had a cat presented in a near death condition because the owner accidentally used an OTC product intended to be used on a dog on him.  This was a very dangerous situation.  Had the owner been asleep or out of the house and not realized that something was wrong, the cat would have died within a few hours.  Thanks to our 24 hour emergency service and a very good, dedicated doctor who spent the night working on this kitty, the outcome in this in this case was excellent.  

Before applying or giving any OTC products to your pet, check with a veterinarian to make sure it is safe and appropriate for your pet.