Pet Nail Clipping Isn’t Cruel – Your Animals Will Thank You for it!

Although your pets may not seem to enjoy nail clipping, it benefits their health in several ways. Many creatures need to have their claws trimmed. They include cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and even guinea pigs. If a pet’s nails make clicking sounds on the floor, it probably means that you should trim them. The same is true when animals appear to have difficulty walking or perching. However, it’s best to take action before these symptoms develop.

If you forget to clip your pet’s nails, this can cause a variety of problems. Animals with lengthy claws often strain their joints by walking abnormally. This leads to joint discomfort and muscle pain. It even causes some pets to suffer from arthritis. Chronically inflamed joints discourage them from engaging in any physical activity. A lack of exercise could trigger other serious health conditions, such as obesity and diabetes.

Another possibility is that your pet’s nails will eventually curl back and grow into the paw pad tissue. This painful process makes many activities uncomfortable and creates a risk of infection. It produces a condition that resembles an ingrown human toenail. Animals usually need medical attention if this happens, so it’s crucial to trim claws before they reach this stage.

Cat Clawing a Tree Stump

Cats try to prevent problems by scratching things more frequently when their claws grow long

Lengthy nails often become caught on soft materials, such as rugs, blankets, furniture upholstery and clothes. This may result in paw injuries that trigger bleeding or infections. Cats try to prevent these problems by scratching things more frequently when their claws grow long. Untrimmed nails also have sharper points, so they can inflict greater harm if a pet scratches you. Likewise, it won’t take long for your cat to tear up a sofa or recliner.

You can protect your home and keep pets healthy by trimming claws every one to four weeks. The right timing depends on the type of animal and their daily activities. Try to start a nail clipping routine while your pet remains young. If you need a set of high-quality nail clippers, please visit the Silver Collar Pet Boutique at Metairie Small Animal Hospital. Our groomers can also trim nails for pet owners who aren’t comfortable with this task.