Proper Dental Care Leaves Your Pet Happy and Healthy

Proper Dental Care Leaves Your Pet Happy and Healthy

The primary reason for increased longevity in humans over the past century is improved dental care.  Think about what we do for ourselves: routine brushing, flossing and dental visits are the order of the day.  Now think about what you do for your pet’s dental care.  Daily tooth brushing?  Any oral rinses?  Flossing?  Dental prophys?  For many pet owners, the answer is no.

Most of us will have a pet’s teeth cleaned professionally at some point out of total necessity.  Perhaps your pet has bad breath odor or an infection.  But, why don’t we pay more attention to pet dental care when we know it will add longevity and quality of life to our pets? Lack of education on the importance of dental care has kept many pet owners from taking the necessary steps to keep their pets’ mouths clean and happy.

Most individuals do not realize that an inflamed or infected gum equals bacteria, which consequently ends up in the bloodstream.  This leads to immune system assault, heart infections, anemia and even kidney disease.  Bacteria generating in your pet’s mouth can travel through its entire body, creating any number of possible dangers.

Dental care should be administered regularly to prevent such dangers.  It is also possible that your pet can form abscesses, which are often painful, because of lack of dental care.  Many visits to a veterinarian result only from an obviously infected mouth or abscess, both of which can be avoided with preventative care.

Many people also fear the necessary anesthesia associated with dental treatments, despite minimal adverse reactions.  The anesthesia used today is extremely safe and effective.  All animals under anesthesia are monitored closely by doctors and assistants throughout the procedure and during recovery.  If you have concerns about anesthesia, please address this with a doctor on your next visit.

Finally, lack of knowledge on home dental care limits owners and their pets.  There are many things you can do at home on a daily or weekly basis to keep your pet’s dental health in good standing.  There are toothbrushes and toothpastes specially designed for your pet.  Weekly brushing can certainly decrease the need for extensive dental cleanings later in life.  There are also specialized treats and diets that are formulated specifically to decrease the amount of tartar on your pet’s teeth.  There are several options when deciding on the right method of dental care for your pet.  Make it a point to get information from us during your next visit on what you can do to keep your pets healthier longer.