Providing the Best Animal Oncology in New Orleans

When your pet is diagnosed with cancer, you will need to find a veterinarian who is knowledgeable in animal oncology in New Orleans. This professional can develop a solid plan of treatment, including chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery.

Various Types of Cancer

There are numerous types of cancer that can strike animals. Lymphoma and tumors are quite common. Although most tumors are benign, they may turn malignant and metastasize. This is why they should be treated immediately after they are discovered.

With each form of cancer, there are different symptoms. To reduce your anxiety and understand your animal’s condition, it is important to learn the important questions to ask them throughout treatment. Each animal is special and will have different needs. MRI and CT scans may be necessary, which can be provided at close-by locations to MSAH.

An x-ray of a cat with lung cancer.

An x-ray of a cat with lung cancer.

What Happens After My Pet is Diagnosed with Cancer?

When an animal has cancer, it is essential to find the best source of treatment. Since it is a scary time, you will want to work with a caring vet who will pull your pet through without complications. In most animals, early cancer detection increases survival rates. A top animal oncologist, like Dr. Beth Overley Adamson, a consultant at MSAH, will offer your pet the latest diagnostics and treatments so that you can spend many more years together.

The Importance of Quality Care

After you discover your animal has cancer, you must remain calm. You should select an oncologist that keeps you informed and helps you weigh all treatment options for your pet. At Metairie Small Animal Hospital, we offer services in animal oncology in New Orleans. Your pet’s quality of life is our top priority. We will fight the disease so that your animal can live a strong and happy life. Although cancer treatment side effects are a possibility, we try to keep them mild and manageable. Since animals tend to tolerate chemotherapy better than humans, your pet should remain at ease throughout the treatment process. To schedule an appointment, call 504.835.4266.