They’re Not Just for Humans: Adding Fruits and Veggies to Animal Diets

Everyone loves their pets, and it’s a big temptation to give in to those pleading eyes and share your dinner with them. However, the food on your plate has the potential to harm your pet. Certain foods can pose a choking hazard, the spices can make your pet sick and other foods are actually toxic to certain animals. The good news is that some fruits and vegetables may be added to animal diets that will make a tasty treat and cause no harm.

Fruits and Veggies to Please Your Pet


Both dogs and cats love this delicious fruit. It’s known to promote good eyesight and reduces the risk of cancer.

Sweet Potatoes

While a sliced, dehydrated sweet potato is great for your dog’s health, it’s the only type of potato that should ever be offered to your dog. The sweet potato provides a wonderful array of vitamins along with iron, potassium and calcium.

Green Beans

It’s best to serve these steamed and cooled, and both dogs and cats will enjoy this healthy treat. These are packed with vitamins and are a good source of calcium, fiber and iron.

Dog Eating an AppleApples

If you’re enjoying an apple, then it’s perfectly okay to offer a slice to your dog. Most dogs love the taste, and the apple will provide your dog with powerful antioxidants and loads of vitamin C.


Your cat may enjoy some sliced carrots that have been baked and cooled. Carrots contain vitamins that may help reduce the chances of your cat developing cataracts and other eye diseases.

Try Something New Today

These are all great fruits and vegetables to add to animal diets, but be sure to wash and peel any of these food items before giving a small sample to your pet. Try offering your pet some of these items, and you may just find that it has a brand new favorite treat.