Three Things to Consider Before Getting Your Pet’s Costume

People love dressing up their pets almost as much as they love dressing themselves up. The end of October is quickly approaching, and that means it’s time to get ready for some fun Halloween activities. For many people, choosing their pet’s costume is every bit as important as the costumes that they put their children in for the festivities. This is a fun way to make your pets a part of the holiday, but there are a few things that you need to consider when you are choosing a Halloween costume (or any outfit, for that matter) for your pet.

Safety First

Rule 1 of Pet Costumes Make Sure it Fits1. Choose a Costume That Fits Wells

It’s important that the costume that you choose for your pet fits the animal extremely well. Put the costume on your pet at home so that you can check for some basic safety issues. If your pet can walk normally, breathe freely and see well, then that costume should be fine.

2. Be Aware of Choking Hazards

Many makers of Halloween costumes for pets fail to take into consideration that pets often like to chew on anything that they can get into their mouths. Do a thorough check of your pet’s costume for items that include fringe, ties, buttons and beads. These items could easily be chewed off of the costume and pose a choking hazard or cause a serious blockage if swallowed.

3. Add Light to All Costumes

Dark colors are often used to make Halloween costumes, and this could spell disaster for your pet. If the animal gets away from you, then it could easily be struck by a car if it’s wearing a dark costume. You should try to choose a brighter costume, add a collar with flashing lights or a glow-in-the-dark collar. Using a bright orange or glow-in-the-dark leash is also useful.

Enjoy Halloween or any Costume Party With Your Pet

Following these simple few tips when you’re choosing your pet’s Halloween costume can mean the difference between a fun holiday for the entire family and a quick trip to the emergency vet. Just take the time to be safe, and you are sure to enjoy a wonderful holday.