What should you do in a pet emergency? Call a 24 Hour Vet Immediately!

Emergencies can occur at any time and they usually occur at the most inconvenient moment. Whether an accident or a problem with unnoticed symptoms it is necessary to have doctors on-call or a clinic that can aid in case of such an emergency. When it comes to dealing with accidents or alarming warning signs, when most vet offices are closed, the convenience and accessibility of a 24 hour vet clinic is very welcomed.

If you’re experiencing a pet emergency right this second, please immediately come to our 24 hour main hospital (101 Metairie Road, 70005) or call 504-835-4266 to get your questions answered by our compassionate and animal-loving doctors.

If it’s not an emergency this very second but you want to be prepared, good for you! First, every pet owner should have the Animal Poison Control phone number readily available in case of emergency:


If your pet is having trouble breathing, has become injured, or has possibly ingested something toxic, contact Animal Poison Control or Metairie Small Animal Hospital immediately. Pet owners must be aware that animals can become aggressive if they are injured, so when dealing with an injured pet, be cautious, approach them slowly, and protect yourself by wearing long sleeves and pants, covered shoes, and possibly even gloves and a hat. If an animal is completely unresponsive please call the clinic as soon as possible. If your animal is bleeding from a cut or wound, remember to apply pressure to the wound and elevate the area above the heart to slow blood flow.

Some of these tips and more can be explained in depth on the ASPCA’s website. Be sure to stay on top of your animal’s health with regular check-ups so there’s a smaller chance for accidental or unnoticed problems.

Having a pet is a huge responsibility and here at Metairie Small Animal Hospital, we know that emergencies are unexpected, nerve racking and can be even more stressful if they occur after office hours. A 24 hour vet for pet owners is just as important as the ER to any parent. Part of our clinic includes Diagnostics Testing, Intensive Care Unit, and Surgery which allows us to develop a definitive diagnosis and then calculate a remedy in a precise and efficient manner. These diagnostics can be the difference in saving a pet’s life and with 24-hour access to diagnostics; MSAH is the go-to 24 hour vet for New Orleans residents.

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