Benefits of Being a Cat Owner!

June is Adopt a Cat Month and November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, so what better time is there to talk about all the reasons it’s good for us to be a cat owner?! You didn’t know that you could benefit from owning a cat (or three)? It’s true! Not only do you save a feline life when you adopt a cat from a shelter, you increase the quality of your own. There are far more than 10 benefits in owning a cat, but here are some of the reasons cats are good for you!


10 Benefits in Being a Cat Owner

  1. Being a cat owner is good for your health!  Studies have shown that there are a number of things cats do for you in terms of health, from reducing your stress and anxiety to lowering your risk of stroke, heart disease and heart attacks. Additionally, they help lower your blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol, and generally improve your immune function.
  2. If you’re environmentally conscious, you should definitely consider owning a cat instead of a dog. Doing so reduces your carbon footprint – particularly in comparison to owning a dog! This is largely because cats are so much smaller than dogs, so they consume less food over the course of their lives.
  3. Two orange kittens cuddling in their sleep.

    Kitten superheroes? Dorothy and Rose are adorable, playful and cuddly – that helps your mood, which boosts your immune system and helps your heart. Plus, their purrs are scientifically proven to help heal what ails you.

    Cats are great for people with busy or irregular schedules.  While the idea that cats are solitary and aloof is really just a stereotype, in comparison to dogs, they’re relatively independent (especially if you get 2 to keep each other company) and easy to care for – no regular walks outside for them! Additionally, they bathe themselves and usually are already litter trained.

  4. Their purrs have been scientifically proven to have healing properties.  Studies have proven that cat purrs have the right frequency to promote bone strength and to heal muscle and ligament injuries. Additionally, their purring helps decrease dyspnea (labored breathing) symptoms.
  5. Cats help you cope with loss and emotional pain. Because cats (and dogs) don’t judge or talk back, people who have experienced loss report that it’s easier for them to talk through their problems with their pets. But you don’t have to experience emotional trauma for a cat to be helpful. They also help people deal with depression and loneliness and, generally, improve your mood simply by being there for you.
  6. They fulfill our need for companionship. A 2003 Austrian study actually found that a cat in the house is the emotional equivalent of a romantic partner – especially for women! Additionally, far from being aloof, cats will often initiate interaction for affection and playtime. In fact, cats have a wide variety of behaviors that let you know how much they really do like you!
  7. Cuddling cats

    Captain and Tobi certainly sleep better because of each other – and so do their owners!

    You may sleep better! While it isn’t true for everyone or every cat, a recent Mayo study indicated that 41% of those in their study said they slept better because of their cat. Not everyone reported the same experiences, though… Some people reported sleep disturbances because of their cats, though in much lower numbers.

  8. Babies raised with cats have decreased chances of developing allergies! They may also help prevent asthma in children. (It’s too late for you, though. You needed them when you were small and your immune system was developing.)
  9. Growing up with a cat has also been shown to help children develop and practice more empathy when dealing with others. Because cats (and dogs) can’t talk back, children have to consider more carefully what their pets are thinking and feeling when interacting. These lessons carry over to the rest of their lives.
  10. Cats are awesome. Being a cat owner makes you awesome by association. Do you need more reasons than that?


So what are you waiting for? Become a cat owner today! If you already have one, have you considered adopting another kitty friend? Once you have one (or two), make an appointment with us and we’ll make sure Kitty is as healthy as you’re going to be.

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