Finding the Right New Orleans Cat Vet For Your Kitten

If you currently have a cat or are looking into adopting one, congratulations! Cats are great companions and can be extremely loving creatures when they are well cared for and nurtured. However, with any pet, there’s steps to take after adoption – you can’t just sleep on your pet’s health!

Kittens cuddling while sleeping

Instead, the first step to take is finding veterinary care that will keep your furry friend healthy and happy for many years to come.

Before you commit to any veterinarian, be sure to perform thorough research into the following topics so you can make a confident choice.


Unlike a medical doctor that only has to learn one kind of body, a doctor of veterinary science has to learn multiple species’ bodies, diseases, and treatments. Did you know that there are only 28 accredited veterinary schools in the country? It is a highly competitive field that requires a lot from their students. But that doesn’t mean that you can trust any cat vet for your feline friend. Do your research, find out where they have gone to school, what they specialize in and what kind of knowledge and experience they could bring to your animal.


Kitten Being Held in the Main Hospital Lobby

Even the cutest of cats need their vet visits!

How long has a clinic been providing veterinary services? Where did they practice before relocating? Do they have a returning clientele? What kind of experience do past patients report? Do they have reviews or testimonials on their site? Is it just one veterinarian for the entire facility or is a there a large team? Be sure to find out answers to these questions before you bring your cat to their facility.


Every cat is different and choosing the right veterinarian means making sure that they are equipped to handle any specific needs that your pet has. Do you have an older cat that might need oncological services in the future? Does your cat have allergies or arthritis? Does the clinic perform surgeries? Does it have emergency service capabilities? Can they help test and screen your cat for things like feline leukemia, feline AIDs, or knee and hip surgery? Make sure that you find a cat vet that has an inclusive capabilities list so that your animal never has to go without.


Many people will look for a veterinarian that is close to their home but that shouldn’t be the most important factor in your decision making process. Instead, focus on some of the previously mentioned factors. Or you can find a veterinary hospital that has multiple locations like MSAH. We have 4 clinics throughout the greater New Orleans area that are equipped and ready to handle all of your cat’s needs.

MSAH 4 Locations

Extra Care

Instead of just providing medical care, can your veterinarian offer other services to your pets? What about features like grooming, dentistry, pain management, oncology, boarding, house calls? If not, perhaps you can look at Metairie Small Animal Hospital, as we offer all of these services and more to our patients. Our goal is to provide total and everyday care to our patients. We understand that your pets are part of your family and that you only want the best for them, and that is what we work everyday to give to all the animals and people that come through our doors.

At MSAH, we hope that you find the right cat veterinarian that is perfect for your pet and we are always happy to answer any questions you have! If you would like to schedule an appointment for your cat, you can call our hospital at 504-835-4266 or email us at You can see more of Metairie Small Animal Hospital on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well!

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