Delivery House Calls

Because we understand how hectic life can be, we gladly offer Pick-up and Delivery Services to our established clients throughout the New Orleans metropolitan area. Through this service you can have your pet picked up from your home and delivered to our main hospital to receive treatments or services.

We can also return your pet later that day at a time convenient for you. With our Pick-up and Delivery Service we can also deliver food, supplies and medications right to your front door, with convenient pre-payment or payment upon delivery.

We also offer House Calls during our regular office hours. We can arrange for one of our veterinarians to come to your home to examine or treat your pet. In addition, we can send someone to your home for hospice care–for those pets who need regular treatments and care. We understand that it can be difficult to transport pets, especially those later in life–so call us if you think we can help.

To schedule a Pick-up, Delivery or House Call, please call our Main Hospital at 504-835-4266.

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