Healthy Dog Treats to Keep Them Strong & Active

When it comes to feeding your dog, there are many options, built around different breeds, dog sizes and different needs. When it comes to giving your dog treats, though, the options differ from foods. Dogs love treats, but sometimes can intake too many calories from their treats. An owner must pay close attention to what they’re eating. When brought in for a checkup, a vet may ask how many treats, and what kind, an owner is feeding to their dog. Feeding a few treats at once or a few times per day can contribute to health effects that are not ideal. Obesity is a problem that no pet owner wants to face.

Is Your Dog Dealing with a Weight Problem?
Here are tips to help them “snack” better!

The 10% Rule

Snacks and treats should comprise only 10% of your dog’s diet. To understand how many treats that is, compare the calories in your dog’s food with the calories in the treats. Speak with your vet to understand the appropriate amount for your dog, which depends on breed, size and weight.

Dog Chewing on Celery With Healthy Snacks TipTry Fruit and Veggies

Instead of feeding your dog store-bought treats that are usually high in sugar and salt, try feeding him or her vegetables. Give them a baby carrot, or even some broccoli. These veggies have virtually no calories and can be great for a dog to munch on. Often berries, watermelon or apple slices can be great fruits for your dog. Try to stay clear of anything with caffeine in it such as chocolate. Just like humans, healthy dog treats can taste great and be good for the body!

Organic Dog Treats

Organic treats can be great for your dog because they cut out a lot of the chemicals as well as sugars and other potentially detrimental elements. They taste great for dogs and provide the owner with a sense of mind that they are being good global citizens. Producing healthy snacks for dogs relies on commitment to finest quality ingredients and time spent researching what dogs do, and do not like.

Buy Soft Toys Safety TipWhat to Avoid

Be aware that grapes, raisins can be detrimental to a dog’s health. Skip any treats that are hard, like bones, candies or antlers. These hard toys can break or fracture your dogs teeth and result in expensive medical bills. A good rule of thumb is if you press your thumbnail into the treat and it leaves a mark, then it is safe for your dog. Speak with your veterinarian today to ask for recommendations for snacks and toys.

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