Picking the Right New Orleans Dog Vet for Your Perfect Pup

You’ve caught a severe case of puppy love, but you’re not looking for a cure. You’re looking for an amazing veterinarian for your new adopted pup. You’ve done a search for local vets and asked friends, coworkers and local rescue groups for recommendations. Now that you have a list of candidates, how do you choose the New Orleans dog vet that’s right for your canine companion? There are several things to consider.


The best veterinarian in the world does your dog no good if you can’t get your pet in to be seen. Consider where the practice is located. Is it accessible for you? Check the office’s hours and call to see how long it generally takes to get an appointment. You’ll also want to explore how the practice handles emergencies. If there is more than one vet, do they see each other’s patients when necessary? If there’s only one vet, what happens if your pet becomes ill while the vet is on vacation or unavailable? How do they handle emergency care?


Communication is an integral part of patient care. Do the veterinarians and the rest of the staff take the time to explain things in a way that you can understand? Can you get your questions answered? Will you be able to access your pup’s health records?


You want top-quality care for your dog. To determine whether a practice can provide it, check into the credentials of the vets, review the list of services that the practice offers and consider what kind of equipment it has on site. Does the practice encourage staff development and continuing education? Does the facility seem clean and well-stocked?


While it can be a little hard to define, comfort matters. Some people find a busy office where professionalism rules the day reassuring. Others appreciate a slower pace or prize a friendly, welcoming ambiance. When choosing a veterinarian, it’s worth thinking about whether or not you like the atmosphere. It’s easier to be a partner in your pet’s care when you feel comfortable.

We’re always delighted to welcome new patients. If you’re looking for a New Orleans dog vet, contact us today to learn more about us and schedule your first appointment.

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