The Right Food & Diet Will Keep Older Dogs Feeling Young

Dog owners can keep older dogs feeling young by providing them with a regular supply of nutritious food. Aging canines often suffer from a variety of health problems, and the substances in their diet can either exacerbate or relieve these symptoms. Pet owners should strive to make good decisions about the food they give to a beloved canine companion. The pet food should contain ingredients that reduce inflammation, promote blood circulation and support the dog’s immune system.

Common Symptoms of Aging Canines

Older Dog with Graying Hair

Older dogs may begin growing gray hair, but that doesn’t mean they deserve gray food!

Many people still assume that nothing can be done to relive the symptoms associated with aging. However, this is simply not true. To make an informed decision, the dog owner should notice any changes in the dog’s eating behavior, energy level and mood. A variety of symptoms can indicate that an old dog is suffering from an age-related problem. This may include a loss of appetite, memory loss, digestive problems and obesity. The capacity to chew hard food is also a common issue, and switching to a softer food is often necessary.

Suggestions for Pet Food

An individual solution is always the best approach to take when making changes to the dog’s diet. However, there are some general trends to keep in mind. One important nutritional ingredient is fiber. This can provide relief for aging dogs who are suffering from constipation. Enzyme supplements and probiotics can also help to improve digestive functions for dogs who are reducing their daily exercise habits due to arthritis or fatigue. Any serious concerns can be discussed with a qualified veterinarian.

Incremental Changes Last

Hills Healthy AdvantagesChanging the dog’s diet may seem like a great way to keep older dogs feeling young, but it is also important to understand that sudden interruptions in the dog’s routine may cause confusion. Incremental dietary changes can reduce the risk of rejection, which can happen if the dog’s taste buds are not allowed to incrementally adjust to the new flavors. Most dogs can adjust to a diet change within a few days, and mixing the new flavors with the old food can help to smooth out the transition period.

If you’re concerned about your aging pet’s health, talk to your veterinarian, or the experts in our pet boutique, where we always have healthy options available, including Hill’s Healthy Advantage and Prescription Diet Foods.

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