Santa Dog is Coming to Town! ….or: Christmas Shopping for Pets Who Need Everything

Are your favorite furry friends anxiously waiting for Christmas morning to see what Santa Dog and Kitten Claus* have left them under their tree? Are you at a loss what to get them? Never fear – we at The Silver Collar Pet Boutique can help, and we love being Santa’s helpers! First thing’s first: does your furry friend need new toys, clothes or snacks? Be honest, don’t they always need a little of everything? Shopping for pets can be overwhelming. Whatever you (and Santa Dog or Kitten Claus) decide, we can help you find something perfect for your pooch or kitty.

*Please be aware… while photographic evidence exists of Santa Dog, we have never found any for Kitten Claus. Therefore, we can neither confirm nor deny his existence. However, happy kitties on Christmas morning swear he exists, so we must believe.


Attire for the Well-Dressed Dog

Christmas-themed gifts for dogsDoes Fido need a new collar or harness (with matching leash, of course)? We have a variety of styles and colors, and many of our products, like the Preston and the Up Country designs, are made here in the USA. We have both seasonal designs (like Preston’s candy canes) as well as designs that can be worn anytime (including Fleur de Lis, pelicans, alligators, lobsters, crabs and more). Maybe Fido needs a new sweater? We have some seasonal sweaters that will make him the talk of any holiday gathering, including a couple that might make other dogs mistake him for Santa Dog. Or if sweaters or t-shirts that can be worn anytime are more his (and your) style, we have a number of those, too.


Toys for the Discerning Pooch

Christmas toys for dogsDoes your dog love his new toys only to destroy them shortly after getting them? We carry a variety of tougher than normal soft and hard toys, including Tuffy Toys, Go-Dogs and more. While no toy is guaranteed to be indestructible, these tough toys come in a variety of sizes and can last longer than most, making your dog happy on Christmas morning!

For the patriotic pooch, our West Paw and P.L.A.Y. toys are all made in the USA and come in a variety of designs and sizes – including large, soft Christmas tree ornaments that are perfect for the dog that really wants his own ornaments to decorate his play area (from P.L.A.Y.). If your dog prefers harder toys, West Paw has a variety of durable, environmentally friendly, buoyant toys Fido can play with to his heart’s content. In addition to West Paw toys, environmentally conscious dogs will be very happy with Harry Barker toys. The nautical themed Harry Barkers are made with hemp exterior and stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles! (Environmentally friendly or not, we still don’t recommend letting Fido eat the stuffing from his toys.)


Stocking Stuffers for Kitty

Stocking stuffers for catsWhether Kitty has been good or not, she always expects and deserves the best. (Just ask her. She’ll tell you. She’ll also tell you that she’s always good, even if you did find a hairball in your favorite shoes.) For her, you can’t go wrong with an array of Yeowww catnip toys and packages of loose catnip. These are a hit with any catnip-loving feline** and come in a couple of different shapes (we have the ever-popular catnip cigar as well as the triangle) for long-lasting kitty fun. Of course, if your kitty isn’t a catnip fan, there are a number of other small mice, jingle and crinkle balls, and other small furry toys she may love. If your favorite feline friend needs something to help keep her claws in tip-top shape, we have a variety of sturdy cardboard scratchers (from P.L.A.Y. and Imperial Cat – both brands eco-friendly and all-natural). The addition of a nice scratcher may keep her from using your Christmas tree as her scratching post, though they are much too big to actually put in her stocking!

**Did you know that not all cats like catnip? Most do – about 50% – though their sensitivity to it doesn’t start until they’re 3-6 months old.  But there are cats that don’t like it because they don’t have the right genes for it.


Gifts for Well-Groomed and Well-Fed Kitties

Every kitty likes to look and feel her best, so a nice brush to keep her coat smooth may be just the stocking stuffer for your little diva – er, darling. (It’ll also help cut down on those hairballs in your shoes!) A shiny new food bowl or plate is a great addition to her Christmas morning, particularly if it has her favorite food on it! For the more voluptuous kitty, instead of a new bowl, she might like a puzzle feeder like the Slim Cat. This feeder toy can hold her favorite (dry) food or treats and has adjustable size holes for pieces to fall out as she knocks it across the floor. These kinds of toys are great for the over-eater and the too-fast eater, making them slow down and work a little bit for dinner. Another great gift for the kitty on an exercise or diet plan is a harness (like our locally-made Velcro harnesses) so you can take kitty on safely supervised walks outside.

Whatever you decide Fido and Kitty need for Christmas, we hope you come see us for all your pets’ needs! When it comes to shopping for pets, we can help you with more ideas by visiting The Silver Collar Pet Boutique’s Facebook page. Happy holidays!

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