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Dog Massage

Dog Massage

Massage is a series of purposeful touches used to promote wellness within the dog. It can be used for a number of different reasons: 

  • Increases circulation and flexibility
  • Develops and maintains muscle tone
  • Helps relieve stiffness and joint discomfort
  • Helps dogs rehabilitate after surgeries and other traumas
  • Enhances bonding between owners and newly adopted dogs
  • Helps dogs and their owners with end-of-life care

Targeted massage serves as a form of physical rehabilitation and is very effective when used after trauma or surgery. It reduces swelling and discomfort while allowing the body to move more naturally.

Dogs have an inherent drive to achieve balance and wellness. Through massage, we help the dog become more aware of their body. The series of touches that are used allow the dog's body to return to a more natural state of comfort and well-being.

The increased circulation from a full session massage is the equivalent of a leisurely 30-minute walk.

A massage can increase a dog's level of trust. It allows a positive association with touch from people they do not know. For this reason, massage can be beneficial for rescue dogs or those with behavioral issues.

Metairie Small Animal Hospital now offers massage for dogs. Please contact our Certified PetMassage Practitioner, Becki Francis, at becki@msah.com or 504-290-0025 for more information.

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