Health Wellness

One part of comprehensive preventative care is having a physical exam on a regular basis, no matter what age your pet may be. It’s simple and cost effective. Detecting changes or signs of disease early on is the key to a healthy pet.

Puppies and Kittens
It’s important to start them with a solid foundation of preventative care and nutrition. Puppies and kittens will typically be tested for parasites and medication will be given accordingly. Several follow-up visits will be needed to complete their puppy and kitten vaccines, during which time their development will be monitored.

Adult Pet Care
Most pets enter their adulthood when they turn one. By this time their activity levels and nutritional needs will have changed. Our doctors will continue to monitor any changes and health needs your pet may have.

Senior Pet Care
Senior animals are prone to many of the same diseases older humans experience—diabetes, renal disease, heart disease, cancer, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism. Senior Wellness testing helps establish healthy baseline values and identify problems early, rather then waiting for obvious signs of tragic illness. This health profile also serves as a complete PreAnesthetic screen for a dental procedure or surgery. In addition, a Senior Profile helps us avoid using medications that may be unsafe for the pet’s condition or health status.

We offer routine vaccines for cats, dogs, and exotic pets. Our doctors determine which vaccinations are needed based on their experience and knowledge, as well as your pet’s individual needs, life-stage, and lifestyle.

Oral and Dental Health
Our doctors believe that your pet’s oral health greatly impacts their overall well-being and longevity. Services include teeth cleaning, x-rays, preventative dental care, and antibiotic treatments.

Parasite Testing and Treatment
Parasites are a threat to your pet, inside and out. They range from fleas, ticks and mites, to a variety of worms including heartworms. It’s important to have your pet checked for parasites to prevent disease and potential irreversible damage.

Flea and Heartworm Prevention
A part of ensuring your pet’s good health is giving a monthly flea and heartworm preventative. We all know fleas can be a nuisance, however, once ingested they can also cause tapeworms in your pet. Because heartworms are contracted from the bite of a mosquito, both cats and dogs, indoor and outdoor, are at risk for contracting heartworms. Our doctors can recommend the best preventative for your pet.

Blood Testing
Blood work serves multiple purposes including diagnosing disease and determining the health of your pet. Yearly tests will check your pet’s organ functions and help define the general health of your pet, including potential problems that may not be visible during a physical exam.

Proper nutrition is one of the most important parts of your pet’s health. A balanced and properly proportioned diet is the key to energy, a healthy weight, and a long life. We understand that your pet’s nutritional needs change with lifestyle, health, and age. MSAH carries a variety of Hill’s Science and Prescription Diet food to fit your pet’s needs.

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