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Surgical Procedures

The doctors of Metairie Small Animal Hospital are pleased to offer standard soft tissue surgeries, such as spaying and neutering, as well as the following surgeries:

Spays and Neuters*
Thoracic Surgery
Diaphragmatic Hernia repair
Foreign body removal
Phacoemulsification (cataract repair)
Corneal Surgery
Surgical repair of eyelid deformities
Corrective Ear Surgery
Surgical removal of Neoplasias
Surgical Biopsy
Brachiocephalic Surgery*
Knee and Hip Surgery
Fracture Repair
ACL Repair

*Laser surgery is available for declaws, most mass/tumor removals, spays/neuters and more. Please call one of our receptionists for more information.

We routinely place I.V. Catheters in our patients prior to beginning a surgical procedure. Our nursing staff is specially trained to ensure your pets’ well-being before, during and after surgery.

We highly recommend a Pre-Anesthetic Profile to help us determine the safest anesthetic protocol for your pet. This includes an evaluation of liver and kidney function, clotting ability and an EKG to determine proper heart function.

The doctors and staff of Metairie Small Animal Hospital place great importance on Pain Management and routinely attend seminars and classes to stay informed. This training has better prepared us to handle the treatment of pain in all of our patients, particularly those undergoing surgery.

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