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Wonderful Care and Compassion

“Dr. Brian, you were B.J.'s doctor for 15 and a half years and the quality of his life was due to the wonderful care and compassion he received from you and your staff.”

—Louise and Paul

Super-Friendly Staff

“Bandit is our 4-year old Boston Terrier rescue. We learned he had heartworms and knew he was in trouble but didn’t know how bad. We took him in for an emergency visit to Dr. John Martin at Metairie Small Animal Hospital. We were pleasantly surprised to find that there was a surgery to remove the worms from Bandit’s heart. After surviving the surgery Bandit stayed at the hospital for 3 months for continued treatment. He even had an episode of cardiac arrest and was quickly saved by the staff. Their crew is always super-friendly and genuinely cares about Bandit.”


Four Decades of the Best Care

“My relationship with Metairie Small Animal Hospital began over 42 years ago, with Dr. John Martin. In the span of more than four decades MSAH has given our pets not only expert medical care but the love and attention that assures our pets are in the very best hands. Whether it was surgery, life-threatening problems or just regular check-ups, our pets have always received the best care by the doctors and staff. I can honestly say everyone at Metairie Small Animal Hospital treats every pet as if it were their own. How fortunate for all animal lovers to have this institution within our midst.”


Never-Ending Compassion

“You have always gone above and beyond your expected duty of caring for all of our dogs…you will always be our vet…even if we get a fish! Thank you so much for your never-ending compassion and caring for our pets, and for us.”

—Cindy & John

Forever Grateful

“My dog Dixie had been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease in Michigan. Before she could be treated we relocated to Metairie. I had been using the same vet in Michigan for over 35 years so putting Dixie in the hands of someone new was a big concern. After we arrived here, Metairie Small Animal Hospital was recommended by a friend. The first time I put Dixie on Dr. Brian’s exam table I knew she would get the treatment she needed. Because of Dr. Brian we were given many extra years to love and adore her. I will be forever grateful to Metairie Small Animal Hospital. Dr. Brian continues to care for my dogs Teddy Junior, Lucky, Kahlua, and baby Lola.”


Wonderful People

“We could not have asked for a more wonderful group of people to take care of “Pordge” and “Beau."”

—Dave & Beverly

Dr. Chris Saved My Cat

“I woke up at 2 a.m. to the horrifying sound of the neighbor’s dog mauling my beloved kitty, Little Bit. When I realized what was happening, I rushed outside and got her away from the dog. She was in bad shape and I knew she needed immediate attention. I called Metairie Small Animal Hospital and the tech on duty told me to bring her over immediately. I wrapped her in a blanket and raced to the hospital. The tech was waiting for us and got Little Bit stabilized. When I met with Dr. Chris later that morning, he was gravely concerned by the extent of her injuries, and ultimately recommended extensive surgery. She stayed with them for a week following her surgery, and made an astonishing recovery. This was in April 2005, and she is still with us today, happy and healthy. Dr. Chris saved her life.”


Expert Care

“Thank you so very much for all of your expert care and advice for my cats. I really appreciate the professionalism of all the staff.”


Convenient Hours and Caring Staff

“I have 5 wonderful dogs. I have been going to Metairie Small Animal Hospital for more than 15 years. I bring my pets to Metairie Small Animal Hospital for multiple reasons; my main reason is the great Veterinarians, many of them have sub-specialties which give the added benefits of multiple options for any problem my animal could have. They have such convenient hours, my personal schedule makes it difficult to get to a Veterinarian during regular hours and Metairie Small Animal Hospital offer weekend visits. If my dogs have an emergency they are full service; so anytime day or night I can bring my pet there and he or she will be seen on an emergency basis. Along with the fact that they have their records to work with, gives me so much comfort. The entire staff is so dear and caring; they absolutely go out of their way to help you no matter if your animal is there for a well visit or medical emergency visit. I highly recommend Metairie Small Animal Hospital without reservation.”